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Research Group Introduction


Last year, at Clojure/Conj 2015, @exupero inspired me to reify my love of margin doodling into a year of reading and sketchnoting, in which I read a book a week and sketchnoted each one. This is the first resolution I’ve completed in 34 years. Aristotle said that quality is not an act, it is a habit. I believe in the universal power of habit. You and Elon Musk both put on your pants the same way, it’s just that the rest of his day is spent on habits that help him change the world.

My formal education is in Computer Science. I got a job out of school coding but I couldn’t find the art of it. I had always loved music so I got a degree in Music Engineering and wrote about music complexity after being inspired by Jeff Hawkins' On Intelligence. I got a job out of school in music and then working on distributed backend speech processing platform, in which I unexpectedly found the art of computer science I had lost. I worked in Java, Perl, Python, Bash for almost 8 years before finding and falling in love with Clojure. For the past year I’ve worked in FinTech, the past few months focused on OpenID Connect and Clojure.

I’m also continually trying to improve. I read books like Deep Work, How to Learn Almost Anything in 48 Hours, and Tim Ferriss' meta self-improvement compendium Tools of Titans. I am interested in nutrition hacks, so I eat lots algae, MCT Oil, and do Wim Hof breathing and cold exposure.

Research Question

How do Web Components fit into the Clojurescript eco-system?

Web Components and React.js are compatible technologies: the former is about encapsulation and the latter about performance; however, I’m not quite sure how they fit together in the Clojurescript world. A colleague created an example project combining React.js with x-tag but I haven’t found any Clojurescript examples. I need to do further research to better understand Web Components, what problem it solves, and what problem my team is solving with it.

Example Discoveries Digest

The World Memory Championships are 25 years old. One might think that the average winner of this competition is a naturally gifted intelligence with an IQ north of mensa, but the truth is that anyone can and has won this competition.



  • The brain is a visual organ. Create stories with scenes for it to remember.

  • The Method of Loci, or Memory Palace, is a 2000 year old technique still used by the world’s top memorisors.

  • This may explain why Daniel Tammet, and others with synesthesia, are so good at memorizing thousands of digits of PI.

December 21, 2016
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